350MG Bottle: $62

Size/Volume: 15ML

Total CBD: 350MG

Dose/Serving: 23MG/ML

Product Facts: Non GMO

Recommended Use: Place .5-1ML under the tongue for at least 39 seconds before swallowing

Ingredients: Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 350MG, Hemp Seed Oil, Kosher-Grade Vegetable Glycerin

Nutritional Facts per ML: Calories:4 - Total Fat:0g - Cholesterol:0mg - Sodium:0mg - Total Carb:4g - Sugars:1g - Protein:0g

Description: Green Roads 350 MG CBD oil is the original sublingual and is the perfect "medium sized" product with a moderate dosage of 23 MG per 1 ML dropper. Every batch is lab tested, ensuring what's on the label precisely matches what's inside the bottle.

All Green Roads products are handcrafted with only the highest quality hemp-derived CBD. Green Roads utilizes CO2 supercritial fluid extraction to ensure that no unwanted endocannabanoids end up in CBD product concentrate. The raw CBD isolate used in Green Roads products is winterized prior to infusion into the final products to ensure that only CBD (and no unwanted plant compounds) is present when the bottle is sealed.

Note: Consult your physician before taking any new dietary supplements.Must be 18+ years old to consume.

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