Ovation 3400-Level 1
The Ovation 3400 series is one of the best selling commercial tanning beds of our time! No wonder; striking good looks, and designed for maximum comfort. 34 100 watt lamps gives this bed a 15 minute maximum exposure time.

2M Stand Up-Level 2
America’s favorite stand up that our customers just love. The 2M Stand Up lamps produce an excellent, all over tan in a 9 minute session.

Ovation 5400-Level 3
The Ovation 5400 series is designed for comfort! 12 Minute Max, 120/160 Watt Lamps, 3-400 Watt Facial Lamps, and a stereo!

Ovation 6400-Level 4
The Ovation 6400 series includes 10 Minute Max, 160 Watt Lamps, 4-500 Watt Facials, a shoulder tanner and a stereo!

Acclaim High Pressure-Level 5
Create a new level of tan with our Acclaim High Pressure unit. Bold, stylish, elegant. Wide body styling with 360° tanning. Features include: Hinged acrylic, state of the art timer, integrated stereo system, air conditioning, attractive design and backlighting. 32-600w lamps, 3-1000w facials, 12-Minute session.

No appointments needed for sunbeds.